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Kastalus. Learn more about me in the Singing Turtle Studio!Golgatha Crucifix. For more information, click on the Liturgical Series link.Snail and Milagro. Snail is part of my miniature series. Contact me for more information. Information about Milagro can be found under my Liturgical Series link.
Open the door to my studio and you will be greeted by a variety of sculptures and works in progress, from saints to turtles to bears to Stations of the Cross.

My sculptural work centers around 2 themes; my liturgical (spiritual) work and sculptures that speak to the child's imagination in all of us (my "Singing Turtle Studio). Travel with me as you explore the interconnectedness of both the spiritual and the child-like.

For me, it is the spiritual and child-like connection that makes my studio whole; it is a place where I can "fly"...I am surrounded in my special space by images and objects that have personal meaning for me, that tell of my relationship with God, and that of my whimsical imagination.

Visit some of my Bene Bronze Liturgical Works and you will see, among others, St. Andrew steadily holding his net full of flapping fish as Christ calls him.. …touch and feel the tears of “Veronica” as she tenderly wipes the tears from the face of Christ in my “Stations of the Cross” series…rejoice with “El Nino de la Luz” (“The Child of the Light”) as He stretches out his child’s arms to embrace you and offer hope…or hear the birds greet you as you visit with “St. Francis”…experience these liturgical works, and many more, from tabletop to life-size and monumental.

If you would like to see more of my “works of imagination”, visit my Singing Turtle Studio where you will be greeted by “Kimo” the cat who sits on his bench covered in his magnificent blue curls just waiting for a visitor…or “Kastalus” who is a “dog-lizard-good buddy guy” who enjoys telling tales and listening to stories…coming soon, look for my newest jewelry and lamp series, from hanging ceramic and bronze pendants to “flying pig” custom made lamps! Whether you are looking for a tiny clay swan holding a little dried flower to a large bronze friend for an outdoor environment, Singing Turtle Studio is the place.

All my sculptures, in both my Bene Bronze Liturgical series and my Singing Turtle Studio are created in a variety of materials, from bronze to stoneware to resin and more…My bronzes in particular are all limited edition and cast at Tesuque Foundry in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I welcome all commissions and would be happy to speak with you regarding the creation of a specific sculpture. Portfolios, including resume are available upon request.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit!

liturgical series singing turtle studio series

sculptures: liturgical series singing turtle studio series | about contact blog